You are Not Alone.

Things are getting pretty busy around here! Sometime this week the town of Bloomington will double in population as thousands of students come back for fall classes.  Every year I know that for the next 3 weeks or so I’ll be doing quite a bit of sprinting as we try to ramp up hospitality, welcoming, and worship at The Open Door, and as the college ministry kicks off again.  If my posting is sporatic for the next few weeks, that will be why.

In the mean time…I’ll leave you with a piece of wisdom from a friend of mine who’s getting a Master’s degree in counseling at IU.  At least I think it’s counseling.  It might be psychology.  Or counseling psychology.  Or psychological counseling.  We’re good friends…I promise!

Anyway, last week during Community Dinner (at Sunset Hill) I posed what I thought was an interesting question to her: Lets say for the rest of your life you can only give one short counseling response.  For every person you meet, regardless of their situation or circumstance you can only give them one piece of wisdom…for the rest of your life.  What would it be?

I thought for sure the question would trip her up, and it’d be fun for us to stumble through some possible answers together…but she didn’t hesitate at all.  “If I had to give one piece of advice for the rest of my life, I think I would just tell people, You are not alone.

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