Worship Stage Design

A few weeks ago we launched a new sermon series on forgiveness which coincided with the launch of a small group book study on forgiveness.  For years I’ve wanted to work towards creating a more cohesive and unified look in worship that would visually tie our series together so that our presentation is matching the amazing content coming from our pastors.

Our team of amazing lay leaders were able to create a beautiful stage design for the series, which centered around the color green since it matched the liturgical calendar.  Here’s what they thought of:

  • All our video loops match the style/colors of our series graphic
  • Eight large strips of fabric of varying lengths and shades of green were hung from 3 different batons on stage to create a sense of depth and color, and our cross and altar were draped with green fabric as well

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

forgiveness buskirk


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