Victoria Memorial

Started in 1901 after Queen Victoria’s death and finished in 1921, the Victoria Memorial was designed to pay tribute to the British Queen and celebrate the prominence of the Britain Empire under her rule.  The massive hall is made of white marble, and is enclosed within a 64 acre garden.

It had just rained heavily when visited the memorial, and you can probably guess from the overcast skies that it rained again shortly after we left.  Actually…it’s pretty much always raining or about to rain this time of year in Kolkata.  The rain may have had an impact on the number of visitors, but there were still a fair number of people walking the garden, and a surprisingly large number of young Bengali couples making out on benches.  I didn’t get any pictures of that though…that would be creepy.

Here are 9 photos of the Victoria Memorial

Victoria Gardens 1

Queen statue - Victoria Gardens

Queen statue - Victoria Gardens 2

Victoria Memorial 1

Victoria Memorial flowers

Victoria Memorial 2

Victoria Memorial 3

garden at Victoria Memorial

garden at Victoria Memorial 2

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