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Over the past few months, friend and graphic designer Daniela Panigada Cook has redesigned our logo for The Open Door.  We knew we wanted to incorporate the Buskirk-Chumley marquee for several reasons.  First, it’s where our community worships.  Second, the unique shape of the marquee is iconic in Bloomington, and finally, the marquee was used prominently in our old logo…and we didn’t want to break with the past, just to bring it up to date a little more.  Other than that, we left it completely open ended and up to Daniela.

I couldn’t be more happy with the results – a fusion of the Buskirk marquee with the United Methodist flame, in the color scheme that FUMC (the mother-ship) uses for its branding.  It’s clean and elegant and captures the heart of who we are at The Open Door: a group of people drawing from our rich Methodist tradition to try and discern what it means to be God’s people in our own community.




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