New Every Morning…


A few days ago, my wife  Ashlee was in Chicago with her brother and sister-in-law and their four year old son, Owen.  

Own is (and I won’t even pretend that I’m not incredibly biased)
Cutest child
in the history of all children
across all time
and across all species…  

Baby pandas got nothing on this kid.

(But like I said, I’m a little biased) 

Anyway – Ashlee was in Chicago because Jill (sister-in-law) went full term with her pregnancy, and because they have had birthing complications in the past, they decided to induce labor with Pitocin, and so Ashlee was there to hang out with Owen while Jill gave birth.
No labor is easy.  You know that.
But usually there’s a slow build up of contractions that get slowly, little by little, hour by hour, more intense as a women’s body begins to adjust and get ready to birth a baby into the world (or so I’m told.  I realize that I’m speaking a little out of my area of expertise here). Inducing labor with Pitocin like Jill did doing is notoriously intense though…there’s no slow build up for her body…as soon as you take Pitocin – BAM! – contractions start much faster.  It’s like the difference between strapping on a pair of snow skis for the first time and going down the little bunny slopes, and building up over several years to the medium slopes before after 10 years of skiing trying a black diamond verses accidentally taking the lift all the way to the top and having to ride a Black Diamond all the way down.  Hold on, cause you’re in for a wild ride!  (BTW – I’ve never gone skiing before either!)
Many of us are in a week and a season for God to give birth to all kinds of new life.  Maybe it’s a new town, new faces, new classes…a new major, the search for a new faith community…
For some of us these changes feel fast and intense – a little bit like getting shot out of a cannon, or like a shot of Pitocin.  For others there’s a slow, gradual build up, the waves of change are like a tide slowly coming in instead of waves crashing down…but change is still there.  New life is born with every breath we take.  New every morning is God’s love.
There’s a question that I’ve been coming back to all week as I begin my morning devotionals…one that seems appropriate for the beginning of a new season and new year of college ministry: 
What new thing is God looking to bring about in my own heart/soul/life?


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