Guided Meditation for Pentecost

pentecost flame

Last week as we celebrated Pentecost, we entered into a brief time of guided meditation after singing You Are Welcome by Deluge.  Here is a copy of that meditation.  Feel free to use or adopt it for your own local church.

Guided Meditation for You Are Welcome Here by Deluge

You are the fire that burns inside us,
the living water from within,
You are the voice that gently whispers,
You are the rushing mighty wind

As we enter in to a time of meditation and reflection, I invite you to get comfortable where you’re sitting.  That may mean resting your feet on the floor, and placing your hands in your lap.
I invite you to close your eyes,
and to breathe.
And out.

That fire of God is inside of you.
Inside your very being.
Placed there long ago, by the Holy Spirit.

As you breathe in and out,
that living water of God courses through your veins and arteries.
Through your ventricles and heart.
Living water
flowing in streams
teaming with God given-life
bubbling up and alive with new possibilities…

God is that voice that gently whispers…
whispers in the quiet,
in the calm,
in the still.
How long has it been since you’ve slowed down,
since you’re stopped running from thing to thing to thing,
since you’ve paused,
and breathed,
and just

How is that fire of God inside of you?

Is it a hot blue flame –
potent, concentrated and focused
bursting forth in everything you do and say?

Is it a nice red glow?
Does it warm your heart and soul
like a burning log in the fireplace on a cold winters night?
It may be cold around you – but this fire can warm you from within.

Or is that fire faint and dim?
Is it covered with a thin layer of soot and spent coal,
Like a distant memory of something so far gone sometimes you wonder if it was ever really there in the first place?

Is it time to ask God to stoke that fire?
Is it time to ask God to brush away the ash and blow on those faint coals…until they began to come to life again,
until they begin to crack and pop,
until the flame begins to rise again – flickering and dancing – wild and alive.

Can you think back now –
When was the last time that fire burned like a hot blue flame inside of you?
When was the last time you listened to that burning fire inside of you,
to the living water flowing through your veins,
to that gentle whisper – that stirring in a moment of stillness.

When that fire was burning – what did you feel?
Did you feel Loved – all the way through your being – inside and out, the strong parts and weak parts…
all of it…
Did you feel Joy – as your eyes were awakened to the blessings that were all around you –
as the whole world sparkled and danced with possibility, with creativity and you weren’t sure whether you wanted to laugh or to cry at the beauty all around you?
Did you feel Passionate – passion for something that was bigger than yourself and your preferences –
something God was calling you to be a part of –
something where you were confident you were on the right side of History and Truth,
even if others might not be able to understand right now?

When that fire was burning –
what was it inviting you to do?
What was that unique, individual God-given fire that God lit in your heart?
What was it that excited you and scared you at the same time?
What was it that you weren’t sure if you’d be able to do on your own –
but you knew you had to do it, because you felt – so – alive.

I invite you to breathe, and to spend a moment, in the quiet,
remembering – that feeling, that burning, that invitation…

Will you pray with me…






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