the tiniest bones, the infinite everything EP

March, 2011

album cover

The tinest bones, the infinite everything EP is the first release from Brother John, a 14-piece avant-folk orchestra comprised of three singers (two of which double on guitars), full woodwind and string sections, French horn, drums, and electronics. Formed in 2010 by composer Travis Jeffords and social psychologist Austin Chapman, Brother John is known for their ethereal and layered music. Always in the foreground of their music is the juxtaposition of the micro and the macro, the part and the whole, the individual at the edge of the infinite.

We Now Believe most fully exhibits the focused restraint and attention to detail that has become a signature of Brother John. The music seamlessly moves from intimate, tender and vulnerable to rich and vibrant sound-scapes.

Stanley Messenger is Brother John at its popiest: an unrelenting kick drum, cascading woodwinds and catchy string riffs create a frenetic energy reminiscent of Jonsi’s Go Do.

The small run EP is limited to a strict printing of only 200, and features hand-made and hand-typed album sleeves, hand-stenciled boxes, custom hand-printed wrapping, physical artwork by Caroline LeFevre, ReadWriteBooks, and Laura Stern, as well as a book of original album-inspired poetry by Tim Felton (husband&wife), Justin Vollmar (Vollmar), Travis Chapman (Balmorhea), and more.

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