Creed of the Journeying Heart

I believe in Jesus.
I believe in Jesus so much that I’m sure -by God- I don’t have him figured out.
I believe every box I put him in stings like a sword in his side. I believe every creed I nail down pierces like nails in his wrist – desperately trying to pin him to a cross he was never meant to bear, and one that will never hold Christ captive. I believe that with every dismissal of another’s earnest and humble encounter I put a crown of thorns on the head of the Messiah, and in my arrogance, praise the Idol I have created in my image.
I believe that some days Jesus is the furthest thing from who I am…but I believe there are moments when I am as close to Christ as the air in my lungs…as close as the heart beat in my chest.
I believe the Messiah will come again because he has come again –
and again –
and again –
and again –
with a cool cup of water for the thirsty, 
with a warm embrace for the lonely, 
with the quiet assurance
that God loves us too much
to ever leave us alone.

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