Stranger Danger! – thoughts on Camus’ The Stranger

    Lately I’ve been watching John Green’s Crash Course on Youtube and listening to his highly condensed and highly entertaining reviews of required high school literature.  I love it! Then last Friday I came across his copy of The Stranger by Camus, which I vaguely remember skimming for AP English in high school, and read […]

Gear Review: Fender Blues Deluxe

I had been frustrated for about a year with the Fender Twin Reverb (Reissue) I was leading worship with.  It was a great amp when it worked, but I was having all kinds of problems with finicky vibrato and reverb channels.  It was perpetually in the shop, and the  amp just weighed too much.  Every […]

In the Beginning…

Things tend to have Beginnings: A starting point. A point of jumping off. A First breath, a First word, a First kiss.   May this Thing be a Beginning. Not of a diatribe, or of a conquest, or of self-soothing navel-gazing. But of a Relationship. With You, Dear Reader, if You are indeed there.