Hillsong – Glorious Ruins album review

  I write this review on the heels of getting to spend a night with Hillsong United at the Banker’s Life Field House in Indianapolis.  In fact, as I look down at my hands while typing, I realize that I’m still wearing the bright florescent lime green wrist band from the show.  There was something […]

Vox Veniae

I had the incredible privilege this week of getting to write a post on the liturgy site of my former faith community Vox Veniae.  Vox was the community that walked with me during some very rocky college years, and it was the church where my wife Ashlee was baptized.  We still feel such strong ties […]

Amy Cox – Hard Rox

I had a fun opportunity to play cello for my friend Amy Cox at the Hard Rock Cafe last Friday night.  She’s a deeply passionate person whose personality is just infectious.  Every time I’ve ever spoken to her I’ve walked away with a smile on my face. Here are a couple photos from the event, […]

Ross Capicchioni’s story

Just saw this yesterday.  A pretty amazing story of someone who decides to end the cycle of violence.  It reminded me of a dear friend that likes to say ‘I know a first century Jewish carpenter that has the solution to the problems in the world, but no one wants to listen to him…’:

My All – Rabindranath Tagore

Let only that little be left of me whereby I may name You my all. Let only that little be left of my will whereby I may feel You on every side and come to You in everything and offer to You my love every moment. Let only that little be left of me whereby […]

Alejandro Lopez and the Mariachi Band

My grandfather, Alejandro Lopez was born, lived, and died last Wednesday in the same small Texas town of Mercedes.  At one time demographics say that “The Queen City of the Valley” had about 13,000 residents, but, I think that’s about double what the actual population is today if I were to venture a guess.  Since […]

Alejandro Lopez and the Jumping Stick

My grandfather passed away yesterday. He possessed certain knowledge and skills that were unheard of to me and my 90’s suburban Super Mario Bros. existence.  These are the things I find myself remembering today: The way Grampy could hit a can off a post from 30 yards away with a smooth stone and a slingshot.  […]

Alejandro Lopez and Los Frijoles

My grandfather passed away this morning.  He lived in south Texas, about 10 minutes from Mexico.  English was his second language.  He fought in World War II and was married for over 65 years.  He was probably in his mid 90s. He was a good man.  No, he was a great man, and a capable […]

Jesus and the Harlem Shake

It seems like every 6 months or so there’s a new video on the internet that everyone’s watching.  Right now,  it’s the Harlem Shake.  There are thousands of different versions of the video, some of which have over 70 million views.  If you haven’t seen it yet, your kids definitely have. Each of the Harlem […]

Frying Fish for Jesus

When my wife Ashlee and I moved into an intentional community, we thought we were pretty bad ass (or at least I did, I she’s much more humble and grounded than I am).  It felt so original and new – like we had finally figured it out – finally stumbled upon the key to a […]