Easter Call-Response 2013 – I Have Seen the Lord

This Easter our service focused on Mary of Magdala’s response to encountering the risen Christ in John 20.  She encounters Jesus and is immediately told to Go (something Jesus tells people quite often…) and tell others about the resurrection.  Her response is to tell the disciples ‘I have seen the Lord’.  One of the members […]

Prayer for The Lord is My Rock (Elevation Worship)

The last week of our series on Ephesians (entitled Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) was based on Ephesians 6:10-12 (the armor of God).  We knew we wanted to play The Lord is My Rock by Elevation Worship, and one of our pastors, Mary Cartwright, wrote the following: (which served as an introduction to the song, and […]

A Call to Worship for You Are Welcome Here (Deluge)

We used this call to worship at The Open Door on 03.10.13.  We dimmed the stage and the house lights about 5 minutes before the service started, and the band (piano, guitar, upright bass, oboe, djembe) began playing some meditative instrumental music in the dim light.  As people entered into the worship space, they entered […]