3 Reasons to play Pop Songs in Worship

A few times a month at The Open Door, after the preacher gives the benediction and as families are heading out the door, the band will close with a fun, upbeat, positive ‘secular’ pop song to send people on their way. Every once in a while we’ll even begin worship together with an upbeat secular song.  Things like Uptown […]

Signs of a Mature Musician

  What does it mean to be a mature musician? Does it just mean you’re the oldest guy or gal in the room?  Does it mean you’ve been playing your instrument the longest, or have the nicest gear, or can shred faster than anyone else?  Or is it something else?  Is it more complex and […]

Thoughts on Freedom in Worship

I had a great conversation on Friday with a friend and incredible musician, Randy Floyd last week.  We were talking about learning to be more open and free and expressive in Worship. It reminded me of when I went to see Wilco play at the Austin City Limits Music Festival a few years ago. They are […]

Worship Leader Communication Tips

My great friend and co-worker Sarah is working hard this summer to redo our outdated youth rooms.  New paint, new furniture, up-to-date technology…it’s all coming together to create a clean, sleek look so the rooms are a warm and inviting space for youth, but are also welcoming for adult bible studies, small groups, or even […]

7 Ways to connect with the music you lead

I recently met with a good friend over a bowl of Lamb and Barley soup, which, is a really amazing soup.  Hearty and filling.  During the conversation we talked about the difference between Knowing a song to lead during worship, and really Owning a song.  It’s easy to listen through the recording a couple times […]

Worship Stage Design

A few weeks ago we launched a new sermon series on forgiveness which coincided with the launch of a small group book study on forgiveness.  For years I’ve wanted to work towards creating a more cohesive and unified look in worship that would visually tie our series together so that our presentation is matching the […]

Gordon Ramsay and Worship

Ramsay’s Best Restaurant I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay.  He’s a great chef who exudes passion.  While I’ll admit that I found Hell’s Kitchen a bit difficult to watch at times as it bordered on exploitative (taking untrained emotionally unstable ‘chefs’ – many of them had no business being on the show or on […]

Free Downloadable worship charts and parts

Our community is blessed with some really amazing musicians…and not just your standard rock band musicians…because we’re located so close to a major music school there are amazing woodwinds, brass, and string players in our congregation that play in our worship band almost every week.  It’s a lot of fun! Anyway, I’m slowly building up […]

Preparing a song for worship

How can I take my vocals to the next level as a worship leader? I know how to listen to a recording, look at a chord chart, and sing along…but what would it look like to be even more prepared on Sunday morning?   How can I sing with more confidence and communicate the text […]

Tips for writing parts for instruments in Worship

  So, I have to tell you, I’ve got a pretty great thing going on.  The Open Door community where I lead worship is located about four blocks from the campus of Indiana University, which is home to one of, if not the premier school of music in the country (at least as far as […]