Call to Worship for Stewardship Sunday/Series


We’re just finishing up a sermon series on stewardship at The Open Door based on Jim Harnish’s great book Earn. Save. Give. 

here’s the promo for the book if you’re interested:

Throughout this series we’ve used the same Call to Worship that Rev. Stacee Fischer-Gehring wrote (or possibly adopted from another source…I’m not actually sure where it came from!). Either way, it has been a great way to begin worship and to set the tone for our stewardship series while still being worship and God centered:


We come from all walks of life: the rich, the poor; the struggling and the secure.

And God calls us all.

We bring our hearts to this time and place – hearts holding joy and sorrow, questions and wonders.

And God knows us.

We offer what we have to give: our talents and our imperfections, our faith and our doubt, our hope and our hands.

And God loves us. Let us worship God.

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