BSLA Videos

Bishop’s Student Leadership Academy


The Bishop’s Student Leadership Academy is an annual conference for high school youth discerning a call to ministry for the Indiana United Methodist Conference. Below is a sample of the liturgical elements, graphics package, and bumper video for the opening service, as well as the other bumper videos used for the conference.


Service 1: Discover


Discover Call to Worship:

Lord, help us discover your New Heaven and Earth
Let our former worries pass away
Lord, help us discover the Kingdom of God
Let us rejoice and be glad forever
Lord, help us discover your sacrificial love
Let us stand in awe of our Savior, and worship together

Discover Motion Loops:

Discover Bumper Video:


Discover Benediction:

May you fully discover  the gift of God’s grace in your life. May you discover the God who cries with you, who laughs with you, who feels your sorrow, and who holds arms of grace open to hold and to comfort. May you discover that hope has a way of turning its face to you when you least expect it.  May you always remember that Jesus has overcome every trial you will ever face, defeated death itself, and through His resurrection, has restored life to all. So may you not lose heart, and may you continue to press on to discover the fullness of who God has created and called you to be in the world for the Glory, and by the Grace, of God.


Other Bumper Videos