A Call to Worship for You Are Welcome Here (Deluge)

Deluge_Swell Cover

We used this call to worship at The Open Door on 03.10.13.  We dimmed the stage and the house lights about 5 minutes before the service started, and the band (piano, guitar, upright bass, oboe, djembe) began playing some meditative instrumental music in the dim light.  As people entered into the worship space, they entered into that reflective/contemplative atmosphere.  When it was time to start the service, the pianist transitioned into the intro riff to You Are Welcome Here and we gave the following Call to Worship:

As God calls to us and gathers us together to worship,

would you take a moment to Still your soul?

to Breathe?

to Open your heart to the God who already knows every part of your heart?

And as you are ready, I invite you to join us in song,

to add your voice to our humble call to God,

as we offer our voices and our lives,

to the God who gives us life, breath, voice, and song.


I hope that you can use or adapt our Call to Worship for your own community, that it can provide a spark of inspiration for your own service,  and that it can help bring others into an encounter with God.

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