9 Photos of St. John’s Church


St. John’s Church, Kolkata IN

St. John’s Church is one of the oldest church buildings in Kolkata, and was one of the first structures built by the East India Company, in 1784.  We were asked to pay a small fee to walk inside the building and around the grounds, and it definitely seems to be more tourist attraction than functioning church building.  As Ashlee and I toured the historic church, I couldn’t help but wondering if I could ever see myself being a part of a worshiping community in a setting like this…

St John's Church 2

In some ways these historic buildings are beautiful places to slow down, breathe, and pray….to stop, linger, and rest…to listen for the soft quiet voice of God that rises out of still mornings and meditation.  St. John’s Church is perfect for that.  But it’s difficult for me to see what God’s community is at work doing in the world today when I’m in that space.  When all of the architecture and liturgy seem to point to what has happened in the past, it’s almost like the best days of the church are behind us, like we’re worshiping a God who used to do great things, but hasn’t really shown up in the last few decades.  Some of the first questions I ask myself when I visit another Christian community are – what is God doing in this place right now – and how does this community understand that they are being used by God to bring about or prepare for the Kingdom?  How welcome are families with small kids? I know your say that they are welcome, but what physical signs are there that prove that they really are welcome into this community? If the answer to that question is hard for a visitor to find, then we’ve got some work to do!

St. John's 3






St. Johns Kolkata 3


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