9 Photos of St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church, Kolkata IN St. John’s Church is one of the oldest church buildings in Kolkata, and was one of the first structures built by the East India Company, in 1784.  We were asked to pay a small fee to walk inside the building and around the grounds, and it definitely seems to be […]

True Stories from India

A Celebration of Specialness (Thanks David Byrne for the title) Prologue I’ve been back from my trip to India for exactly a week.  As the jet lag starts to wear off, the reverse culture shock fades, and things are beginning to seem ‘normal’ again, I’m left wondering exactly what I’m supposed to take with me […]

South Park Street Cemetary

South Park Street Cemetery was built in 1767 and contains of 1600 graves of English colonists.  Across the street from the cemetery is the Assemblies of God Church in Kolkata – probably the largest church in the city – a community that holds multiple services in English, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Nepali, Oriya, Tamil, and Bengali […]

Bicycle powered knife sharpener

People are awesome.      

Cribs: Bengali Style

Yesterday Ashlee’s program took a field trip to an old Bengali family house. At one time, 55 people lived in the house together…all in the same extended family.  Now there are only about 15 people living there.  75 years ago this would have been an incredibly nice and prominent home in Kolkata, but a lack […]

Adventures and God-sightings in Kolkata

Ashlee (my loving wife and the reason I have come to India in the first place), just wrote a great blog post about her experience so far.  I hope you’ll check it out.  India and the people that live here are not for my enjoyment or contemplation or enlightenment or consumption, much like is often […]

Victoria Memorial

Started in 1901 after Queen Victoria’s death and finished in 1921, the Victoria Memorial was designed to pay tribute to the British Queen and celebrate the prominence of the Britain Empire under her rule.  The massive hall is made of white marble, and is enclosed within a 64 acre garden. It had just rained heavily […]

Kolkata Taxi Ride

A taxicab ride down Rash Behari and SP Mukherjee.  The full ride took about 25 minutes and cost just under a dollar.  

Traveling Updates

I made it to Kolkata! I just got to the house where Ashlee and I are staying about an hour ago.  She’s left to go to school for the day and I was given strict instructions to stay in my room and rest until she returns from classes at about 2:30.  My head is swirling […]

5 Books for a trip to India

  In 15 minutes I’m hopping in a car and driving to the airport, where I will catch a series of planes and, days later, end up in Kolkata, India for three weeks.  My wife, Ashlee, has been there for a month already doing language studies.  Like the huge nerd that I am, the first […]