Pre-service Rituals

Leading worship is hard work!  It’s physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding.  Asking an awkward and anxious introvert to lead a time sensitive rehearsal, quickly navigate any problems that come up before the service, and remain spiritually close to God while interacting with a couple hundred people is a lot!  And yet at the same time […]

Musical Transitions in Worship

Transitions are important.  Not because they show off how tight the band is, or how creative the music leader can be, but because a good transition can keep your community continuously in an atmosphere of worship. When I first started playing in worship bands, we payed no attention at all to how one song ended […]

A post for Fashion week.

It’s Fashion week in NYC (shout out to Bill Cunningham) – so some thoughts about fashion and worship seem timely. There is a lot of uneasiness about what we wear on the worship platform – and rightly so.  Worship leaders being overly fashion conscious is so prevalent it has become a cliche…so much so that […]

Open Door Logo

Over the past few months, friend and graphic designer Daniela Panigada Cook has redesigned our logo for The Open Door.  We knew we wanted to incorporate the Buskirk-Chumley marquee for several reasons.  First, it’s where our community worships.  Second, the unique shape of the marquee is iconic in Bloomington, and finally, the marquee was used […]

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

We started a new series at The Open Door on Sunday called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition looking at what Ephesians might have to teach us about who we are, and how we’re called to live together.  It was the first series to launch after the start of our Creative Worship Team.  The team ran with […]

Rainer Maria Rilke and Worship

We must not portray you in king’s robes, you drifting mist that brought forth the morning.   Once again from the old paintboxes we take the same gold for scepter and crown that has disguised you through the ages.   Piously we produce our images of you till they stand around you like a thousand […]