Quotes on Worship Leading

  Keep resisting the foolish pull to be hip/uber creative/relevant/edgy/whatever. Stay fixed on Jesus/his centrality/his great grace/his finished work/his worthiness/his power and be the tour guide at the grand canyon who every day, all year round, to whatever crowd gathers, points to the unchanging beauty and invites people to respond! – Jamie Brown Jamie Brown is […]

Worship: when lyrics DON’T matter

When one Word is greater than than many words I just got back yesterday from an amazing three week trip to Kolkata, India with my wife, Ashlee.  I somehow stayed awake all day yesterday, crashed about 8 o’clock last night, and then woke up wide awake at 6am this morning.  My body is wide awake, […]

Worship Song Selection – 6 things to consider

In a week I’m headed to India to visit my wife, Ashlee, and will be gone for 3 Sundays in a row from The Open Door.  I haven’t been gone for more than three Sundays a year for the past four years, so this is a pretty amazing opportunity to step back, breathe, and refocus […]

The Message Bible Creator’s Thoughts on Worship pt. 2

I recently finished reading Eugene Peterson’s Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work, a book that I highly recommend for any Christian, and anyone involved in institutional ministry in particular.  In his final chapter on the book of Esther, Peterson writes an eloquent reminder to all Christ-followers of exactly what worship is, and who it’s for. […]

The Message Bible Creator’s Thoughts on Worship

I’m finishing up Eugene Peterson’s Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work and wanted to share a passage about worship from the final chapter of the book.  As always, Peterson has the ability to be a prophetic voice for the church – calling us back again and again to who we are made to be, and […]

Vox Veniae

I had the incredible privilege this week of getting to write a post on the liturgy site of my former faith community Vox Veniae.  Vox was the community that walked with me during some very rocky college years, and it was the church where my wife Ashlee was baptized.  We still feel such strong ties […]

Roller Coaster Worship

I should tell you…I’m scared of heights and really really scared of roller coasters.  In fact,  I hold on to the rail on the escalator because it makes me uncomfortable to be going up and not holding on to something.  I get this weird weak-kneed light-headed feeling. But on Monday I went to King’s Island […]

Our Gods Reigns – ‘Made to Stick’

At the recommendation of Darren Wright, I’m making my way through Chip and Dan Heaths Made To Stick, a great book about what makes some ideas ‘stick’ in our mind, and what makes others get drowned out in the ocean of information we swim in every day.  It has already given me a lot to […]

Skeleton Bones – Easter 2013

DJs and Worship Leaders

I remember a friend of mine who loved to dance at a techno club in town.  He would ask me to go dancing with him over and over again, and eventually I gave in.  (I love to dance, but, bar dancing has never really been my thing.)  Anyway, he was probably there 3-4 nights a […]