Perfect Love Casts out Fear: Re-post

Haiden Steingrass – an amazing member of our Jubilee college community has just posted a great article about Fear. It’s worth sharing, and it’s worth reading. What a joy to be surrounded by, to learn from, and to journey with so many incredible young adults as they discern what it means to travel through the world […]

Jubilee Summer Book Club

Looking for something to read this summer? As our Jubilee college students finished up a school years worth of required readings, many of them sent us emails asking if – now that they have time to read something something for pleasure – there were any books they would recommend. Here’s what we suggested: Making Sense of […]

Signs of a Mature Musician

  What does it mean to be a mature musician? Does it just mean you’re the oldest guy or gal in the room?  Does it mean you’ve been playing your instrument the longest, or have the nicest gear, or can shred faster than anyone else?  Or is it something else?  Is it more complex and […]

Small Group Tips from Small Group Leaders

15 Small group tips from small group leaders This year at Jubilee, we’ve been blessed with an Awesome group of passionate, relational, and faithful small group leaders.  We asked our current college small group leaders what advice or tips they would give for our new small group leaders as they learn and pray about what […]

A Prayer for Servant Leaders

A Prayer for Servant Leaders Used in a gathering with local church leaders I invite you to bow your heads and to fold your hands as we pray: God of grace – We bow our heads in awe and thanks. We fold our hands in reverence and humility. We are so thankful, God. Thankful that you draw […]

Running in Circles – Confession

  This Sunday we’re working the first verse of Running in Circles by United Pursuit into a Confessional.  The confessional comes from the United Methodist Book of Worship (number 479) by Lydia S. Martinez.  We’ll just vamp the chorus progression during the confessional, and whenever the confession ends, start singing as soon as the progression […]

Living Water and the Woman at the Well

The Following is a draft of a talk I gave for our Jubilee College Ministry based on John 4 So – we’re in the middle of an all church series based on Gabe Lyons book The Next Christians…looking at who we are as Christians, at who we are called to be in the world.  Last […]

New Every Morning…

A few days ago, my wife  Ashlee was in Chicago with her brother and sister-in-law and their four year old son, Owen.   Own is (and I won’t even pretend that I’m not incredibly biased)theCutest childin the history of all childrenacross all timeand across all species…  Baby pandas got nothing on this kid. (But like […]

A Brief Devotion for Church Council Meetings

  Business meetings in a church can be a difficult, but very important time in the life of a community.  I’ve had the incredible blessing of witnessing Church Council meetings where God’s presence was unmistakable – times where people were speaking with prophetic words of new life for a congregation, times where church members were […]

Call to Worship for The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

  FUMC is starting a 7 weeks sermon series this Sunday based on Gabe Lyons book The Next Christians. We’ll be using this Call to Worship during the series, which was adapted from 1.2.26 in The Worship Sourcebook. Let us worship the eternal God, the source of love and life, who creates us. Let us […]